4 Artists that I am Currently Loving | Music

February 11, 2018

So today I want to share with all of you my music favourites.
I listen to a huge range of music. Sometimes you'll find me listening to classical, other times R&B, Rap... anything. I have expanded my musical range recently, so I wanted to share who and what I am
listening to.

I mainly listen to music on Spotify, which I have on both my phone and my laptop. I don't have Spotify premium because I think that when you use a laptop there aren't that many ads, so it's bearable. I feel that are lots more on the phone app version of Spotify.

All of these artists I have been listening to for quite a while and you could easily catch me listening to their entire album in one sitting, or while tidying or doing something mindless. I cannot listen to them while revising because I can't focus enough on my work and I would probably be too busy rapping along lol.


A Little Bit of Book Post | Books

February 08, 2018

So for Christmas, my lovely school Secret Santa got me a £10 voucher for Waterstones.

If you know me you'd probably have guessed that I was pretty excited by this gift. I love books, but I haven't treated myself to a novel or fiction book in ages, because;
a) My bookshelves are absolutely full of books.
b) I have a lot of books which I haven't read
and c) I am really busy and don't have much time.

However, during the Holidays, I went online to Waterstones and picked up two books from their website. I did click and collect and they were ready to pick up within two days, so here they are in all of their glory!


My 2017 Empties

February 03, 2018

Hello everyone,

Today I am doing something which I have waited over a year to do. It takes me ages to finish something, so I don't think that I have ever done a blog post on my empties; I simply just don't have enough at the end of the month. So throughout 2017, I saved up many of my empties to show you all. And it still isn't that much. (to be fair sometimes I forgot and threw them away)

I don't think that I realised how many products I used throughout the year until I went through all of these. I tend to get lots of bath and beauty products for Christmas and my birthday, so many of these products are from sets.
I also realised I haven't worn a lot of makeup, because I literally have no empties. This was surprising, but in hindsight, I haven't worn a lot of makeup recently.


January Favourites | Favourites

January 28, 2018

Good evening everyone!

I hope that you are all well and that you have had a lovely evening so far.
Today I am doing something which I haven't actually done in a hot second, which is a favourites post! I will be sharing my favourites in the month of January, which are a few products which I have used and loved during the month of January (or for some time longer) and I want to share with you all.